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CTRL+V(irtual) GAP Conference 2021



Conference Tickets: $200 for GAP members, $240 for non-GAP members (plus Eventbrite fees), including a year’s membership.  Opportunity for help with cost: request a scholarship.  Email for more info.

Conference Highlights

Tour of the National Portrait Gallery’s Hand-cut Silhouette Collection, with Robyn Asleson, Curator

Silhouettes—cut paper profiles—were a hugely popular and democratic form of portraiture in the 19th century, offering virtually instantaneous likenesses of everyone from presidents to those who were enslaved. Robyn will lead us on a tour of the Portrait Gallery’s extensive collection of silhouettes, such as those by Auguste Edouart, who captured the likenesses of such notable figures as John Quincy Adams and Lydia Maria Child, as well as the bold new reimaginings of silhouettes by contemporary artists.

Papercutting Roots

a roundtable and presentation series hosted by Marie-Hélène Grabman, featuring

Kathleen Trenchard

Lucy P. Liu

Sam Wróbel

Sharon Schaich

Lucrezia Bieler

Susan Leviton

Jan Peter Verhave

Meet the Conference Committee

International Paper Art Wordsearch

Instructions: Tap the first and last letter of each word you find; find all the words in the list!

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